Why Making Friends At Work Is The “Worst”

Ugh you spend at least 1/3 of the day (and basically, your life) with them, why should you get along??

First and foremost, they’re probably really bad at bowling and even worse at having fun.

PH bowl

They’ll DEFINITELY train months and months with you and be a constant source of motivation and inspiration, ONLY to let you down by finishing a 10K with you.

Dan Runs

And they’ll even change their bib color so that you can start at the same time. Friends are needy.
Sometimes they have a picnic in the back of a truck with you. (It’s a Texas thing, you probably don’t understand…)
Picnic Truck
You might end up becoming such good friends, you end up living together. Oops.
…Which leads to lots of problems and tons of unhappiness later down the road.
 Making Towers
They won’t stop following you around and they insist on going caroling with you in the park. Yuck! 
You could accidentally become obsessed with them and never want to be apart. Which is probably not healthy. 
You just may find out you actually have a lot in common, including where you’re from and mutual friends.
Common Grounds
They might actually give you a reason to wake up on Wednesday mornings.
They might introduce you to all of their friends, which could lead to all of you totally hanging out together all the time. And you’re super busy…
You’ll probably have to throw them their first surprise birthday party ever and, like, people will care. Ew.
 Surprise Party
You might accidentally invite them to Wednesdays in the Square ONE TIME IN PASSING CONVERSATION and they might actually show up. 
In the Square
Sam! And Dan! And Krishna, as well!
Time 2
Time 3
Time 4
They make Mardi Gras suuuuper lame. 
Sometimes, they’ll spontaneously go on a roadtrip to the beach with you.
And then change up the scenery just to eat. 
And yes we’re sitting on a random wall, next to a parking lot.
There’s a chance you could form an addiction to brunch and hanging out with them and you guys call yourself the brunch bunch and nobody should ever have to experience that!
Brunch Bunch
*Heavy breathing*
And maybe, just maybe, if you make friends with your coworkers, you could end up building something more special and everlasting than you would have ever thought possible.
And who wants that??