When You Need a Little Healing in Your Life

One of the most important things and not so surprising to find things in New Orleans, are ways to keep both your mind and body healthy. There are infinite places and events for you to enjoy. I recently was able to visit the Healing Center for the first time recently and I am very glad that I did. There are so many opportunities in that building for learning, learning about yourself and for finding that inner concentration and relaxing.

When you go to the Healing Center there is a very palpable vibe there, one that is incredibly welcoming, calm and creative, which lends very well to its “healing.” My first visit started in the food co-op, which is one of the smaller stores I’ve been in, however it had plenty to offer, from adorably small pears, other local produce, incense and home goods, and many other treats as you stroll through the isles. With its unique scent, local items, and its overall character I’m excited to be a frequent visitor.

Healing Center

(View from the Healing Center rooftop)

Co-op Pumpkin

(Organic Pumpkin at the Food Coo-op)

Aside from the Healing Center I’ve gotten the chance to start becoming a so called “yogi.” I’ve found that I enjoy taking yoga classes whenever I can get to one, and I recently was able to utilize a 10 class pass at Oak St. Yoga, one of the most calming places I have been to in a while. From the calming concentration in Yin class to the athleticism and sweat of Hot Yoga, I’ve enjoyed taking time out of my day to “find my center” so to speak. The cherry on top of my “healing” experience has been the ongoing “jazz” yoga classes held at the New Orleans Jazz Market, they help to remind me that I don’t need to be a seasoned yoga-er or “yogi” to enjoy a class, and for me it makes my time even more enjoyable to have jazz music incorporated into my experience.

I know there is more to find in health and healing here in New Orleans but for now this is a great start. It allows me to bring that energy and peace to my work at the Village and with our volunteers. I’m excited for the discoveries and for the relationships to come as more volunteers join and help us.