What I Did Over Summer Vacation

Hey y’all,
Long time no talk, right? I’m back at Project Homecoming for my second term as a work-site manager, so if you thought we were done with cat blogs you’d be wrong!

[My ideal summer vacation.]

Since I’m from New Orleans, I just stuck around town over summer vacation and worked for Project Homecoming to make some money over break. If you’ve never experienced a New Orleans August, consider yourself lucky and do everything in your power to make sure it stays that way because, it. is. brutal. Fortunately, I ended up working on a fun new house with some awesome people, namely our visiting NCCC team River 4 on Miss Connie’s house on Laine Ave.
Look how cute they are! We got tons done in August: we did the sheathing, Tyvek house wrap, roof decking and tar paper, and all of the roof rafters. Thanks to Ashely, Tony, Olivia, Kailyn, Elizabeth, Maya, Doug, Billy, and Matt for all your hard work on Laine and for putting up with me and the heat! About halfway through the month we found some kittens living in the church parking lot next door and they are absolutely adorable. They became our mascots and improved morale through the sticky New Orleans summer.
[She goes by many names, but Nugget/Princess Hugo is undoubtedly a cute enigma.]

*** If anyone in town is looking to adopt a kitten, let me know!***

Since the start of my second term we’ve been bouncing around a bunch of the Americorps sites and it was really fun seeing where the other half of the team works. We did a bunch of work on Apricot St. where I spent too long fixing a hole in the floor but the end result was worth the effort.
Floors Before 1
Floor After
Finally, I just recently got back to my own site, good ol’ Miro and I couldn’t be happier! Ain’t no place like home. Since I left, a can of spray foam exploded over the work light that a previous group of volunteers bought me :(
Fortunately, I got it all off and at the same time I cleaned up my container and now I feel very prepared for the year, Here’s to a great one!
Floors Before


PS- If you want to follow NCCC River 4, check out some of Doug’s videos: