Welcome Students


The season has come upon us where colleges have begun spring breaks, and service minded philanthropic individuals choose New Orleans as their service venue. Just the other week we have Stetson University and the University of Michigan here to help. Joined by a father and son, and a small group from the Shenandoah Presbytery, our work-sites were full with devoted individuals with a passion for helping people.

Since, we’ve had Baldwin Wallace University, United World Colleges, and James Madison University’s SGA group. Those were some exciting individuals, and this week the excitement and fun is matched by our Intervarsity group and TCNJ’s Alternative Break Club. These are some of the rowdiest and most passionate groups I’ve seen, and I’m sure there are more to come.

There is something beautiful and pure about students and individuals who complete service trips. Whether it is their first time or their 15th, the impact and the passion is the same. These individuals and spring break clubs travel for one main purpose, to help someone. They could just as easily put their travel expenses towards an exotic trip indulging in self serving events and pleasure, beaches, beautiful weather, concerts, what have you, but there is a determined choice in these individuals, they have found something much more satisfying than a week on the beach. They have found the utter joy of impacting someone else’s life, not because they had to for some form of credit, but simply because they want to see that person’s life changed for the better.

To all of the students, and volunteers we have this week, those we’ve had prior, and who are soon to arrive. I thank you, for what you do, why you’ve chosen to do it, and for realizing that one of the great joys in life is seeing a smile on the face of someone that you’ve helped, to hear the kind words and thanks from them, as they are so genuinely grateful for what you have done for them.

Thank you! We hope to see you back here again as we work to bring more people home.