We Built Some God Blessed Back Porch Steps and So Can You!

Are you tired of having to drag a ladder all the way around your house just to get through the door? Sick of hopping up/down to/from your back porch LIKE AN ANIMAL? Well my volunteers from James Madison University and I built some “b e a u t i f u l” back steps to make the deck easily accessible, and you can too!
(Also, shoutout to Megan and Hannah from TCNJ ABC for putting the finishing touches on).

Step 1: Prep your landing

Gotta make sure your concrete slab is long enough for your stairs, yanno?

Step 2 and 3 and a little bit of 4: Set your posts, add the stringers, start your handrails.

Porch 2

Ok, so I got a little excited and forgot to take individual pictures for each part. BUT THINGS ARE COMIN’ ALONG!

Step 4: Handrails

Porch 3

Finish them.

Step 5: Add the risers 
porch 4

(Volunteers not included)

Step 6: Add the treads

Porch 8

You could just leave it like this. I mean, at this point, you will no longer have to hoist yourself up onto your deck. But let’s keep going shall we?

Step 7: Balusters
Porch 5

AKA “spindles” for any non-construction folk.

Steps 8-15ish: [See caption]
Porch 9

Finding the center point, making sure each baluster is plumb, measuring them individually, cutting them, installing them, priming them, painting them, painting them again. But that seemed too long for a title…

Step whatever’s next: Vinyl skirting on side of deck
Porch 10

For ~fancy times~.

PS- The sides were done early on, but we just finished the front bits after the steps were done. Peep them over there below the handrails.

Step next-to-last: Spiff up the posts

Porch 7

If you wanna add some finishing touches.

And the final step……………………

Step on your steps! :)

Congratulations! You did a thing!