An Update on LA Parkway

Hi! Hannah here 💃🏻 long time, no see!
We’ve had a bunch of groups of volunteers through LA Parkway the past month or so and a lot of days just us work site managers. A lot has changed since my last update, so buckle up and keep scrolling and then keep scrolling some more…the most up to date pictures are ahead!!!
LA Door

French doors, upstairs porch got their last coat of paint and need to get scraped (which I’m hoping I get to do! So satisfying.)

LA Upstairs

Porches both got screened and trimmed out for the most part.

LA Downstairs

LA Downstairs 2

Upstairs kitchen has cabinets and counter tops and got a lot of much needed touch up paint this week.

La Downstairs3

Last room in the house and we officially finished all the trim in the whole house!

LA Bathroom

Upstairs bathroom- tub surround grouted and sealed! Plumbers to come next week.
LA Room

LA Room 2

LA Room 3

LA Room 4

Did you notice all my little purple lists taped to the walls? These are the last things to do in each room and things are getting crossed off every day!

Also shoutout to Andrew who spent a whole day in the attic installing a walkway around the outside of the room to the HVAC unit. (It was 75 degrees that day 😳)

LA Doorway

LA Stairwell

Our group from California this week put in some serious hours on making these stairs beautiful again. Got all the bullnoses re-installed, finished sanding down the stairs, sealed them twice and got the majority of the four coats of paint scraped off the trim around the stairs. To be finished and painted next week!
LA Stairs

LA Door w. window

You can’t see it because I papered it, but I’ve spent a lot of time in this small space the past week.
• got the floors scraped and sealed them
• replaced a few floor boards
• last pieces of baseboard!
• prepped a lot of the trim inside and out, to be painted next week. One of the last doors to be painted!
LA Corner of Room
Scott got this step tiled a few weeks ago and really adds a nice touch to the front room. 👍🏼
LA Fireplace
Scott and Andrew also got the hearth tiled and the fireplace is just about ready to be put back up and get one last coat of paint on it!
Also all of our lighting fixtures were delivered this week, electricians coming next week as well!
LA Fireplace2

LA Lower Level

LA cabinets

Downstairs kitchen with cabinets and counter tops.
LA All the Doors
So many doors in this small hallway but they’re all prepped and painted 😄

LA Glens Room

Back bedroom ( Glenn’s room) all done with freshly painted handrails to be installed on the stairs soon 👌🏼
LA All the Closets

Mrs. Doris’ wall of closets featuring the screen doors from the front porch entrance.

LA Closets 2

LA Screens

Another view of the finished screens-look great!! Thank you again to a couple of our California women!!

LA Front Door

The Great LA PRK Way

There she is, in all her glory…the monster that is Louisiana Parkway.
Until next time, sayonara 👋🏼