Tilin and Profilin

As Desire is wrapping up with rapid speed, I thought I would share some pictures of the owner unit side kitchen and bathroom tile. This was my first big tile project and I must say I am pretty satisfied by the way it turned out. Quint purchased the rectangular tile, a different choice than the traditional square tile. I liked the way the tiles turned out. It’s so nice to incorporate the use of different tiles and techniques into different homes, making each project unique from the next

Tilin final 1

In the bathroom, Quint gave me the opportunity to choose mosaics for the tile tub surround and floor. I like the way the mosaics pull colors from the original tile and wall to mesh and also dress up the bathroom a little.

tilin final 2


tilin final 3

I can’t believe my time as a Work Site Manager for the 2013-2014 year is almost up! I have had such a great experience and met so many interesting and helpful people along the way!

I’ve had such great times and memories made in the past year. Here’s one:  having Doctor John grace our First Annual Project Homecoming Gala! My friend Katie is to the right, and myself to the left.

Selfies with the Doctor
Selfies with the Doctor