This Week on LA Parkway

This week we had 7 volunteers from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance from Kansas, our first volunteers at Louisiana Ave. since July! They have been amazing and even though I will be sad to say goodbye, I know they will be back! They are some of our longest volunteers.
On our long list of things to do before we can get the framing inspection, they have been crossing things off left and right. The biggest thing being getting our new vinyl siding up! It’s completely finished on the left side, and about half way done on the right (I definitely think they will be able to finish before the week is out, pictures to follow!) And they are prepping the back so we can get some house wrap up!
So excited to see what else they can accomplish while they’re here!
LA 11.12
LA 11-12
Kansas at LA 11.12
Kansas at LA 2
Hannah White