The Village: Cooler than You’d Think

So I know everyone love the work site blogs because you get to read about and see all the progress that’s happening with the homes we’re building. And yes, I’ll concede, that’s pretty neat. But what you might now realize, is that the coolest work is happening at the Village. Yeah, you read that right, the Village. Site managers might be installing siding, but I’ve been learning how to edit our database system. They’re putting in flooring? Well, I’m grocery shopping for sausage and green bell peppers. Fixing roofs, you say? Not as cool as creating recruitment strategies.

Look at these goofy girls who doubt how cool my job is!
Who am I kidding? None of what I do is as awesome as actually building a house. Nevertheless I really enjoy what I do. I get to do pre-trip planning and scheduling of volunteers. I help make sure they have enough food to eat and they aren’t getting lost on their way to site. I get to make info packets and spreadsheets (no sarcasm, I actually enjoy those things). Basically, I get to do the behind the scenes bits, and I love it.
See how cool, energetic, and vibrant life at the Village is?
One of my favorite parts of my job is eating breakfast. Yep, that’s part of my job – to eat breakfast with the volunteers. I get to hear about what they’re working on, what they’re excited about, what brought them here, who the best spoons (the card game) player is. I’ve been particularly enjoying talking with the Community Presbyterian Church of Brigantine volunteers. I  am always extra happy when volunteers are representing my home state of New Jersey. I’d been talking with this group for over a year after their first planned trip was postponed for Superstorm Sandy. I feel as though they have a special appreciation for the work they are doing here. Their own hometown island was crushed by a hurricane and many of their friends are still not back in their homes. They understand the pain of losing their home and their town and the struggle of rebuilding. Despite this, they are some of the most hopeful and happy volunteers that have come through the Village. They, along with the great volunteers from First Presbyterian Church in Murrysville, have made the first week back at the Village a joy. Just don’t bring up their ultra-competitive card playing games…