The Joy of Geometry and the Hunchbacks from Notre Dame

Sorry ladies, I couldn’t help myself. Turns out I do not possess enough self control to avoid an obvious joke about Notre Dame High School volunteers hunched over doing tile. Sometimes you just gotta set the bar low and leap up to grab that hanging fruit. As you probably might expect, the girls from Notre Dame in San Jose do not bear any resemblance at all to hunchbacks. However, one thing they definitely looked like last week was a veteran tiling crew. Though claiming to have no previous experience, they rolled through an entire room of diagonal tile in less than four days, no small feat. A durock shower surround and a plenty of drywall finishing also stood no chance against these California craftswomen. All in all, it was a huge week on Flossmoor Drive. One worthy of a bell ringing that would make Quasimodo proud.