Tending to the Village: Various Crafty Tasks

Out in the Village we are not only responsible for the volunteers’ well being during their stay but we like to make that stay both memorable and comfortable, we have many projects planned for the Village, but so far I have taken ownership of only two of them. The first being a few more pillows in our rec room to making lounging more comfortable.

The second being some hand-sewn curtains for the dorms.

When starting any sewing project please, please, please, remember to pre-wash and then dry your fabric or you’ll be stuck with a shrunken item that is no longer the perfect size that you needed.

Now, luckily for me I have a handy little sewing machine or else 36 curtains would be painful and time consuming to sew by hand, stitch after stitch, trying for robotic and identical stitches at the perfect length. So far I have one room worth of curtains, and now have five more rooms to go.

While the curtain project may be incomplete these pillows sure aren’t. Take a look at the cozy pillows that I made from T-shirts signed and given to us by past groups:
20151008_130250 20151008_130301

Now I guess I have to finish what I’ve started. Wish me luck.