People Stink at Caulking, and Other Things Related to Contractor Fraud

Hey guys, it’s Dan.

As a work site manager, a lot of my job is fixing problematic construction issues and cleaning up after others. Sometimes, our homeowners are victims of contractor fraud – people coming in perpetrating a professional and then running off with their money without actually doing anything. So in this post I’m going to show you how to spot a contractor fraud.

Pro tip: When a screw is 95% visible, it’s probably not doing its job.
unnamed (1)
Frauds caulk like this.

unnamed (2)

Or this. (Note the solid three inches of caulk spread along the wall to the left AND, impressively, somehow there are still gaps where the caulk is actually supposed to be).


unnamed (3)

If you don’t have any spackle on hand, definitely do not use caulk as a substitute. You know who does that? Someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

unnamed (4)


unnamed (5)


unnamed (6)

NO! (Clearly caulking is problematic for most people).

unnamed (7)

If someone slathers wood filler over nail holes like this, UNLESS THERE’S A HUGE AMORPHOUS GOUGE UNDERNEATH THERE, it’s contractor fraud.

unnamed (8)


unnamed (9)

“Maybe no one will be able to see it.” -Contractor fraud, probably.

unnamed (10)


unnamed (11)


unnamed (12)

It’s almost definitely not OK to install trim on top of paper or tape that’s stuck to the ground. Bad things happen to good people when you don’t remove it first.

unnamed (14)

Looks the same, right?

Notice the deep curve in the middle section of the trim and the raised edge parts on both sides. (Ignore the problematic gap in the baseboard to the left).

unnamed (15)

Zoom on over to the other side of the door and you’ll see the trim has a more subtle curve and each part kind of stair-steps down (NOT raised on both sides).

unnamed (13)

Shame on you, contractor fraud. Take two seconds to notice the details next time!
unnamed (17)
Can we just..?

Ok now that I’m mad again I’m gonna go take some deep breaths.
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See ya!