What Is Workforce Development?

Our Workforce Development Program provides an opportunity for local residents of New Orleans to be employed with our organization. Members are equipped with tools and safety gear, receive hands on training from one of our other skilled crew members, and are given the opportunity for advancement through promotion or placement with other companies.

The goal of the program is to increase the employability and earning potential of each participant, and to empower themselves to be leaders in the recovery effort of their own communities.

Our Impact

Locals Earning Potential Grows
Locals Earning Potential Grows

Most of our employees who are part of the Workforce Development Program were stuck in the cycle of being either underemployed or unemployed before coming to work for Project Homecoming. By providing a steady job and opportunity for advancement through skill training, those who succeed in the program can earn as much as 4x more than their previous employment opportunities per year.

Helping More Families Return Home
Helping More Families Return Home

For years we relied on generous volunteers to dedicate their time to help us rebuild. Now, we have both a local, paid workforce, as well as volunteers, in order to get as many families home as possible. The amount of work we do has nearly doubled since the Workforce Development Program started and will only continue to grow as we train more crews.


Workforce Development Program Supporters:

Capital One has provided grants to support the Workforce Development Program since 2013.

United Way of Southeast Louisiana has supported our crew through their Safety Net Program since 2013.

The Job 1 Program has provided wage subsidies for participating trainees as well as referred several of our participants to our program since 2013.

The generous support we receive allows us to equip program participants with the tools and safety gear they need to be productive and cover the cost of one-on-one hands on training from one of our other skilled crew members.

Join Our Crew

While we are not currently hiring, we post job opportunities regularly throughout the year.  If you are interested in learning more or would like to be notified the next time we are hiring, please email: [email protected].