We help low-income families rebuild their homes

Your challenge

Theft or contractor fraud

No insurance or your insurance didn’t cover all of your damage

Road Home or other assistance wasn’t enough

You were forced to pay off your mortgage with your insurance or other assistance proceeds

You’ve been paying for extra living expenses while displaced from your home

How to qualify

<80% median income

Currently own a home

Can provide proof of how any insurance or assistance money was spent

Damage to home is repairable

How it works

Contact Elaine and fill out an application

We’ll determine if you are eligible by visiting your home and collecting necessary documents

We’ll help you apply for grant funds (if needed)

If you’re eligible, we will work with you to create a plan and send our crew to begin work

After the work has finished, we’ll celebrate your return home with you

I'm ready to come home!

Please contact Elaine to learn more about applying for our program. We have limited resources and many families are in need of help, so we cannot guarantee that we are able to help every family. Please continue to look for help in other potential places until we confirm that we can complete the work on your home.