New Orleans needs it's families back

Many families are still working hard to come back home more than 11 years after Hurricane Katrina while many other families are saving to own their first home.  Project Homecoming has programs to help both accomplish their goals.

Please click one of the buttons below to learn more about how each of our programs works, or feel free to contact Elaine (info to the right) if you want to speak to someone about our programs.

If you qualify, we can help by supplying construction team and/or grant funds to complete the repairs to your home. Because Project Homecoming is a licensed general contractor, all work is done to a professional standard. No repair is too big or small – our skilled staff have experience in all aspects of residential construction and supervise all work.

We can help by guiding you through the process to becoming a homeowner. If you qualify, closing cost assistance may be available!  Newly constructed as well as renovated homes available; all work is brand new, excellent quality, and energy efficient. All homes located in a desirable location.