My First Parade and Other Boo-tiful Things

My Saturday was a rather memorable day. Having started with a rewarding afternoon, I was ready to continue appreciating New Orleans and its people. I spent most of my day at the New Orleans VA volunteering for “Make A Difference” day. There we were escorts for veterans who were there to get aid and support that the VA was providing. With many rounds of introductions walks to tables with clothing, support, food, and friendly faces, I gained an unforgettable experience, most of which is attributed to the powerful people I’ve met and that I am very thankful for. I was proud to be of help, and glad simply to stand by as a gentleman received a haircut, to carry their new boots, or simply to stand by their side for a moment as a service to someone who has done and seen much more than I ever will.

Following this volunteering event, I spent time relaxing and oddly enjoying the slightly gloomy and ominous weather that surrounded me. I liked that it looked like a storm may strike and rain would pour, but all of this simply swelled in the sky and spared us for the rest of the day, allowing us to feel all of the eerie Halloween vibes without being caught in a downpour.

In this weather it was a wonderful walk filled with mystery. It truly made me feel like it was fall. And with this, myself and a group of friends made it down to the Quarter. We made it just in time to catch what seemed to be the middle of the parade. I was there to not only see my first parade but to also see the infamous “Krewe of Boo.” We were ecstatic, and jumped at any chance to catch what was being thrown from the floats, beads, k-cups, party cups, snacks, we got them all and were excited that we caught at least maybe 10 of the Krewe of Boo cups, all of which will gladly be used when we have company.

I am more than excited to say that I have successfully attended and experienced my first parade and am thrilled that there will be many more in my future. Now that’s how I like to spend my saturdays.