Meet Ms. Mary

Ms. Mary is a pioneer in her own right. This proud mother and grandmother was born at the historic Black owned and operated Flint-Goodridge Hospital on Louisiana Avenue. The building still stands today as the Flint Goodridge Apartments.

In 1992 Ms. Mary entered her name into a ten property $1.00 raffle and won the first drawing for one of ten properties out of 300 contestants.  As a result, Ms. Mary had one stipulation with the winning property- to convert that double shotgun into a single, family home. She also requested that the home could be allowed to be converted back into a double after ten years if she wished.  For the purpose of, keeping the family together Ms. Mary was unstoppable, and determined to remove her family from crowded living conditions in an “…undesirable…” neighborhood so she continued to forge on. She was successful and was able to move her mother, three children, and a couple of grandchildren into the new home.

Unfortunately, the Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of 2005 wreaked havoc on the family home, just like so many other families in New Orleans. Ms. Mary and her family had to evacuate the city.

In 2014 Ms. Mary contacted Project Homecoming about the damaging and still not repaired damages to her home. Due to the slow nature of the funding cycle, her file was not submitted until early 2016.

Today, Ms. Mary can smile again with the help of Project Homecoming. Project Homecoming was also able to place her in safe housing while the repairs are being made on her home.