Miro Round 2 Stage 1

Hey y’all,

Been a pretty slow couple of weeks on Miro. I’ve mostly just been setting up for the year and trying to get Miro prepped for the drywall installation.
Cat Ceiling

We had our first volunteers of the year this past week and they were a perfect start to the year. Here at Miro we had volunteers from Central Mission in Ohio and Mississippi, and they were so great! We got a ton done: painting the siding, fixing a couple of patches of trim, spackling and painting the front porch, and numerous interior projects. Thanks so much!!

I spent most of the week working on installing the sidelight windows next to the front doors. Spent most of the week super frustrated and looking like:

I finally got them successfully installed though and they look great! I don’t take pictures of my projects at work so you’ll just have to imagine it.
The outside is basically done so we’re almost ready to start the next step in construction, ~~interior work~~


PS- I bought a couch