May: A Month for Dedications

I had the honor of putting on two dedications this month, one for Ms. Connie on Pauger St., and one for Mr. Alvin on S. Miro St. I must say my Wednesday mornings have not been this eventful or meaningful until now. Getting the chance to see the smiling faces, receive the warm hugs and hear the kind and heartfelt words of these homeowners has meant the world to me.

I have now witnessed, participated in, and/or held a total of 5 dedications since my start at Project Homecoming, and every time I am surprised and swarmed with the energy and positivity that comes with bringing someone home and the stories both of how they got here and how we helped. Hearing those stories and having moments with homeowners in a one on one forum is more than rewarding and brings light to something you might not have ever experienced, but to see how they open up to dozens of volunteers and individuals and welcome them into their home that is truly something special.

There is something about a dedication that changes everything, regardless of how long they have been back in their completed house taking the time to bring in guests and talk through their experiences, they can finally put an end to that chapter. At that point they get to acknowledge and realize that one incredible struggle is truly over, no new terrors can arise at that moment and now they can live again, a life they had been missing in the turmoil, flourishing with the thought of knowing they are home, renewed and strong, they can and have handled everything and can now move on with friends, family and new faces all there to celebrate a new chapter.

Dedications are one of the most important parts of what we do in my eyes, everything we do, build, and plan become trivial if we cannot take the time to look back on what happened before, when we came to help, and then to say we are proud to be the people you asked for help.

To our homeowners now moved in, I welcome you home. To our homeowners still in the midst of this process I thank you for your patience, trust, and willingness to let us become such a big part of your lives as we do everything we can to really bring you home so many years later.

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