Mardi Gras Mambo

My favorite time of the year in New Orleans is Mardi Gras, duh! Between eating King Cake and going to parades, there’s nothing greater in this already amazing city. This was my third Mardi Gras in town, and here are some pictures to recap:

Mardi 5
My friend Marcie and I during the first big parade weekend. Yes, I’m wearing a purple wig. Yes, I am also wearing a scrub shirt my mom made that has cats in Mardi Gras colors on it. Not shown: my neon green tights and jean shorts.
Mardi 4
A float from the ‘Tit Rex parade, which Andrew’s band played in. In order to get throws, you have to make tiny people and the “riders” will give you tiny throws. Now I know for next year.
Mardi 3
Beyonce’s sister Solange riding in Muses! I heard she accidentally threw her wedding ring…uh oh. Someone got an AWESOME throw that night…
Mardi 2
Bacchus time! Number one rule during Mardi Gras: Don’t stand near kids. They catch all the throws because they’re kids, and you also can’t see past their ladders.
Mardi 1
Zulu, ready to roll! This was my first year catching the parade at the end of the route, which is where I will ALWAYS stand from now on! I even caught a prized coconut!