Light Maintenance: A Story of a Wobbly Table and the Girl who Set out to Repair it

So for a couple weeks now we’ve noticed the mysteriously wobbly table in the Village dining hall, and time and time again we have forgotten about the small sway but are reminded when sitting down to join volunteers for dinner, noticing our plates moving ever so slightly to either side of us as we engage in the many fun conversations. But now the swaying has ended.20160516_134735

All that needed to be done was remove the entire base of the table from the table top, then rolling over the center bar to sit snugly in the holders in the center of the table. The challenge being that this center beam is curved when it should not be curved, so sadly and irritatingly I had to force it, however it is now in place:20160516_134029

And after a bit more effort than intended I replaced all of the screws to secure the base back onto the table top.

Now this table’s swaying days have past, no more excitement and unpredictability, just a simple life full of support and monotony, however there is a great comfort in knowing that no meals will be lost or disturbed do to a table in motion.