Life at Terpsichore

What’s up, everybody? A lot has been going on around Professor Longhair’s house on Terpsichore. We’ve had awesome volunteer groups lately, so here’s a special shout-out to the Shell group and the group from First Presbyterian of Atlanta. The Atlanta group even mailed us a care package of small paintbrushes, rags, and candy. It may sound humdrum, but it was quite possibly the best gift Izzy, Hannah, and I could have received. It was like Christmas morning!

Here are a couple highlights that I have pictures from: Mrs. Pat cooked a red beans and rice feast a couple weeks ago. Get in there Hannah!


I tried to take the lid off of the pot before it was time to eat and the handle came off in my hand while the screw that held it in place plopped into the red beans. The whole time everyone was a little terrified that their bowl would contain the missing screw and that disaster would ensue in the form of cracked dentition. I can proudly announce that everyone can sleep easy tonight – when I took the pots home to clean them, look what I found!


We’ve gotten a lot of work done on the house lately. Virtually all of the exterior painting is done, along with most of the interior (besides the trim). Flooring has been a real adventure lately as well. The house is really coming along beautifully.


Just in case you didn’t believe me about the painting!


-Anna Leigh