Let’s Talk About Miro

Hey y’all,

Exciting stuff on Miro these days. A couple of weeks ago we got insulation in all of the exterior walls, which left the whole house looking kind of like a snowstorm had come through.
snowy cat
We had the Delta 3 NCCC team help us out a few days leveling the yard and prepping the floor. They just left Project Homecoming last week but we appreciated them!
homeless_cats_01 (1)
Thanks you cat
And then last week we had a repeat of my first volunteer group from last year–Kansas!
kansas cats
We started the bamboo flooring in the front room and we got both front rooms done.
No volunteers this week so Read and I have been working on filling in the rest of flooring we started last week and setting up for flooring on the other side. The floor is really wavy so it’s kind of frustrating but we’ll get there eventually.
Surf Cat