Lessons in Levitation, Aerial Arts and Other Above Ground Activities

Out of the many things that New Orleans has to offer there are two that bring you to an unexpected place in fitness and mentality, those being Crescent City Aerial Arts and New Orleans Boulder Lounge. You’ll be surprised what a little research and an open mind will do for you when expanding on your hobbies.

Having done a bit of climbing and aerial practice before, I knew what I was getting into and was excited to see the opportunities that I was now presented with. Both of these worlds the one full of suspended fabric and obstacles and that of tense fingers and stretching limbs offer a discipline and friendliness that is nearly impossible to deny.

My first aerial class in NOLA brought me through a bit of mystery. First of all, the gym that hosted the class was tucked away behind an auto-body shop, so I drove right past by accident. Once I found its designated lot it was both quaint and tough, as you see tires being flipped and industrial designs as well as the small lot, and just enough equipment for your needed workout. Entering the bold and small space my eyes widened and my excitement built. The joy and happiness that comes from completing your first successful sequence is something that cannot be matched, it is it’s own feeling, strong and accomplished.


In its own way New Orleans Boulder Lounge provides that same gratification for a job and hobby ‘well done,’ again in a small simple space they have created a community and their own little world where anyone can scale its walls, settle in with some yoga, and enjoy one of my other favorite hobbies, climbing. Both of these places give everyone a little slice of home, a reoccurring theme here in New Orleans.

I have been back for a few aerial arts classes but every time I visit I end up leaving with a great amount of satisfaction and nearly the same amount of relief from any stress I had been feeling. They recently moved their location allowing for even more excitement and the ability to use all of their apparatus, which means even more fun and friendly faces.

There is something to be said about the people who live in and come to New Orleans, and the many ‘slices of home’ you may find. I’ve found friends and neighbors instantly doing this hobby and the same goes for daily life here in New Orleans, there is never a time when you don’t find a friendly stranger in what you’re doing. This kindness also goes for our homeowners and those that join us to bring them home.

So on a different note than I may have started, thank you to the homeowners who are always hopeful, kind and welcoming, and the many volunteers that come to work for us, because you all make New Orleans home and show us a kind of neighborly, and even familial love.