Jersey Kids, Retirees, and Medtronic, OH MY

Hey y’all,

Long time, no talk!
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Lots happening on Miro these days. Since the beginning of the year, Christina and I and the volunteers have finished the tile, grouted it, put the doors and trim in, and installed all the cabinets! B)
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In the month of January, I had FOUR (4) awesome groups of volunteers in a row. First two weeks were students from TCNJ (The College of New Jersey), and they were so great! They helped us tile the kitchens, paint the rooms and doors, and install about half of the doors.
Two weeks ago, a group of knowledgeable/skilled adults from Colorado came and helped us hang the rest of the doors, finish the tile/grouting, and start the trim. We got SO much accomplished this week. Also worksite manager Adam re-joined us here at Miro with the group from Colorado and he has been very cold.
Smiro Blog 2.2.16
Last week, we had a huge mixed group (adults and a couple of high schoolers) of folks from the company Medtronic. We sealed all the grout, installed the trim, and started painting/caulking/spackling all the trim. Most of this group had never met before because they were from three different cities, but I was very impressed by how well they all worked together!
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I realized the other day that the house is finally at the point where it looks like a beautiful house instead of a construction site and it’s really heartening. Alvin has been away for a few weeks and I cannot wait for him to come back home to New Orleans and see all the progress we’ve made.

So all of this is to say– THANK YOU!

We honestly could not have accomplished so much so quickly without the help of each and every one of y’all. Alvin has told me again and again how much he loves talking to y’all and he always wants me to let you know how much he appreciates you too.