Images from Terpsichore

This post will be a lot of pictures that have been living on my phone that will narrate some of the last few months on Terpsichore.


The Nashville Presbyterian volunteers took us out to lunch at Café Reconcile and when we returned, Izzy had a boot on her car. She was not pleased.


With the help of the Lafayette Americorps group, we installed a serious amount of heartpine flooring upstairs.


One of the volunteers from Manhattan College got totally carried away on the scaffolding. Which is understandable, since they’re like a jungle gym for adults.


The group from The College of New Jersey posed for a sweet fence pic. I was sad to see them leave!


Alyssa and I protected everyone at the gala a few weeks ago.


An awesome group from Domino’s pizza came and painted most of the museum room. Beadboard is no joke to paint, guys!


Work Site Manager Emily made the YAVs these cookies to bring Valentine’s Day in with style.


Hannah and Tony are hard at work late into the night to have the house ready for the block party grand opening.


Hannah, Paul, and Rachel before the block party moving this monstrosity.

As you can see, it has been a busy time around here! The party was fantastic and it feels so good to be virtually done with the house. Can’t wait for Mrs. Pat to get to move in!


-Anna Leigh