Hope everything comes out O.K.

Shout out to Mark, Jimmy, and the rest of the Presbyterian crew from Virginia.  Mark, I hear you have been getting on Christina’s case about the incomplete exterior stairs. To that I say – Get yo butt back down here! We miss y’all! The last time I wrote from Ms. Cecily’s house on Lafaye Street I talked about the love notes throughout the house. Yesterday I spent a solid minute in the bathroom mudding, sanding, and talking to myself (forgot my radio). I went a bit stir crazy. But Mark’s note (sitting right above the porcelain throne) reminded me of some fun moments with volunteers, helping me work better.

I’m going to leave you all waiting on the edge of your seat for a progress report about Ms. Cecily’s home. Christina will have the honors of the big reveal later this week or next. Keep checking back. Or come down again and see for yourself :)