Homeowner Profile: Mr. Harold

Mr. Harold has lived in the community for more than 30 years and is one of the last black business owners of the upper 9th ward. According to Mr. Harold, the upper 9th had 20% more black owned businesses than any other neighborhood in the city. Mr. Harold was the owner of Future Record Shop and King Fish, a seafood store he inherited from his father. Mr. Harold’s mother was on the New Orleans School Board for 45 years and his father was a veteran and fisherman. After losing his original house, Mr. Harold decided to build his new home on Desire Street, at his father’s King Fish shop.

During Hurricane Katrina, Mr. Harold was trapped on his roof with a friend, who wasn’t able to swim. He carried her on his back to Locket School for safety. Mr. Harold left New Orleans on September 9th, 2005 and lived in Texas for 6 years. While in Texas, Mr. Harold gained fame for his shrimp cook off, gumbo festival, and a Memorial Park dinner which Mr. Brown put on for a prominent New Orleans lawyer, who was also displaced after Katrina. After returning to New Orleans in 2011, Mr. Harold suffered a stroke which left him with glaucoma and poor eyesight.

Mr. Harold is an activist for his neighborhood; although he is disturbed by the changes the 9th ward has endured. He continues to be committed to staying in New Orleans, staying in his home.