Happenings at the Village, The Start of 2016

The Village is constantly changing and presenting surprises. Over the past couple of months we have worked hard to make improvements and better the space and capabilities of the Village. With the production of our new Road Home office, volunteer help with creating new and more bunks for volunteer stays, and work to improve facility functions, the Village is in motion for great things.

Bunk 2   Bunks 1

Road Home OfficeRoad Home Office 2

Some of these great things however need a bit of support. Like all changes there are sometimes obstacles that we must face, our greatest one at the moment is our shower trailers, when trying to improve the flooring and drains we found more damage than we can handle financially, so with the support of our community we are raising funds through or commit change campaigns, and asking for any help available. With that we can finish revamping our trailers so that our volunteers can better enjoy a shower after a hard day’s work.

Shower Trailers

Another step for us to better our volunteers’ stay is a recent donation of mattresses, which came with the need of building new bunks, that some of our groups have tackled like champs so that their next visit and the volunteers following can enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep.

All and all we’re excited to welcome more people to our Village to help Project Homecoming reach our goal of  bringing home the people of New Orleans.