From Unsafe to Safe

Mr. Armand 2223 Montegut

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana a “Baby Boomer” in the lower 9th ward in the Desire Government public housing development at a time when families of color were just Thankful to have indoor plumbing. Mr. Armand, against all odds, made something of himself he attended public schools and ultimately became a senior graduate of George Washington Carver also located in the lower 9th ward.
He soon met and fell in love with his wife “Gail”. The two of them have been married for almost four decades, and with that union, one son is born, which has since expanded the family dynamics with five beautiful grandchildren, whom all live on the West Bank in driving distance from their loving grandparents.

Mr. Armand’s legacy during the Civil Rights Struggle is as one of the first African American public service transit bus drivers for the Historic New Orleans Public Service better known as (NOPSI). A high rise seven story brick building once a private enterprise that still stands today on Baronne Street, and will soon become a luxury hotel to fill some gaps in the tourist industry in the Central Business District.

Today, Mr. Armand is filled with memories from his past the stroke that he suffered in 1992 his left him wheel chair bound, and dependent on the help of strangers. Oftentimes, the grandchildren have suffered physical injuries, due to the poor condition of the existing wheel chair ramp with gaping holes, and a bunch of loose screws and nails. As a result, Mr. Armand called on Project Homecoming to help him make his family safe again.
Therefore, he and his wife truly appreciate the new and improved wheel chair ramp in a neighborhood that once thrived with beautiful pecan tree groves enjoyed by the people in the 9th ward before the 2005 hurricane’s devastation.

We are grateful for the support from the Pratt Stanton Manor Fund at the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

By Elaine Washington Vigne


Project Homecoming is making a difference in families lives one family at a time… Project Homecoming ask the clients for only one thing “…Bring Your Patience…” Today this is the result of Patience.