Doppelganger Day!

At Project Homecoming’s office we do a lot of important things. For example, as the Volunteer Program Manager, I have been working hard on getting youth to come to our Summer Youth Mission Program for the summer of 2015. Also, me, Kelly and Krishna are hard at work getting things ready for the gala in January.

But, let’s be real, sometimes you need to take a little break from work. And who doesn’t love a good doppelganger?!

1. Jim Coningsby- Finance Director

Jim moved to New Orleans for college in 2004 and, after Hurricane Katrina destroyed his new home, he decided to help rebuild the city he had grown to love. He started a non-profit to do just that and eventually joined forces with Project Homecoming in 2012. He oversees all accounting and general office expenditures, to ensure that Project Homecoming is operating within budget.  He also manages human resources, IT systems, and develops marketing opportunities.

This is Jim, he loves finance and he loves New Orleans.
This is Zach Galifianakis, he obviously loves New Orleans. Just look at his hair!











2. Thomas Mattera

Thomas is one of our crew leaders for our work force development program. He worked at Project Homecoming for two Americorp terms before he started working as a crew leader.

This is Thomas, he loves construction! Look at that big ole’ smile!
Zach has teeth too!
Zach smiles too!











3. Jon Peyer

John (or JP as I like to call him) is a Wisconsin native. However, now he lives in New Orleans. JP works at Project Homecoming as a Construction Site Manager. This means he oversees the projects that our Americorp work on with the volunteers. JP has been a Project Homecoming a little over a year. He has an adorable dog named Teddy that can often be seen at Project Homecoming social events and Mardi Gras parades.

Jp loves his dog Teddy.
Zach also loves dogs! Just look at him, carrying around that adorable little french bulldog.











Our final doppelganger of the day is…

4. Kevin Krejci- Interim Executive Director

Kevin came to New Orleans in 2006 to volunteer in post-Katrina relief during what was intended to be a summer break.  He decided to stay in south Louisiana, and became the Construction Coordinator for the Presbyterian Community Outreach in Slidell.  This position lead to his promotion as Operations Director of Project Homecoming, which was the Presbyterian Church’s recovery program in New Orleans. Kevin oversees all construction operations, and works tirelessly to secure funding and spread the word about the work that Project Homecoming is doing.

Sometimes Kevin grows his hair out.
And so does Zach!











Apparently no-shave November is a year round thing here at Project Homecoming. Apparently I also think all men with beards look similar.

But in all seriousness, go check out our staff bios (click here… and learn more about everyone who works at Project Homecoming!