The past few weeks have been a little quiet around Ms. Barbara’s house on Annunciation. We haven’t had volunteers for a few weeks so we have been working on different things around the house, but making some major facelifts to the interior and exterior.

With the drywall up, Jason began priming and painting, with the paint sprayer, on stilts. Now I’m going to let him share those pictures with you, but look forward to them because they are hilarious.

Anyways, Paul, our long term volunteer, and I started painting the front of the house! This is just the primer to house color so far, but I will update later with the trim done as well.





If that wasn’t exciting enough for me, Quint dropped off our corbels!!! Yes, I am really that excited about them. They are historic New Orleans and will be a beautiful addition to Ms. Barbara’s home. I am so glad we were able to make these apart of the rehabilitation for this home!


When they were dropped off…


Different coats during the process…


and TA-DA! Complete.

I’ll wait a little to show them on the front of the house installed, but I couldn’t contain my excitement. Hope you all enjoy!!
Shout out: Oh and of course the shout out of the blog goes to my awesome Construction Manager Quint for letting me take on the corbel task!