Construction Hacks with JP

Hey hey hey!

It’s your fave, back at it again with the blogging! These days I’m sweatin’ it up at Clouet 3. We’re doing demolition and re-framing on the whole house, and as such, we frequently encounter some sticky situations. The good news is we have the honorable JP to help us out when things just aren’t going as planned.
This week on-site, he showed us how to do the Jesus Pull – a trick you can use if your framing isn’t perfectly flush before you nail/screw it in.
*clears throat*
Are you tired of your studs not lining up with your top plates? Have you tried and tried to Houdini things into place with little to no results? Well look no further! The solution is here!
Don’t settle for huge 3/4″ differences between the edges of your studs.
Hack 1
Fix ’em!
Hack 2
Step One: Put a screw into the piece of lumber that is not in formation.
Hack 3
In this scenario, the studs are the problem because they do not line up with the top plates.
Step Two: Hook your hammer onto the screw and pulllllll!
Hack 4
Yes, I know the screw switched studs, BUT THEY BOTH NEEDED TO BE FIXED OKAY?
Step Three: Angle your fasteners through the studs into the top plate.
Hack 5
It helps to start your screws/nails before you attempt the Jesus Pull so when you’re using every ounce of your being to hoist the house together, you aren’t wasting time getting the fastener into the wood.
Step Four:  Sink your fasteners
Hack 6
Hack 7
……………….And then I forgot to take an “after” picture because I got too excited to unleash this new knowledge on all the unplumb studs. In the words of Mother Theresa: “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” Well it happened, just trust me.