Save the Post!

Anyone who has been to the Village can attest to the fact that the Volunteer sign posts are more than a little run down. They are weathered and faded. Some falling apart and others fallen right off the posts. Ok, ok so they are a lot run down. Anyone who has spent time with me… Continue reading

Village Life

    Things are going great here at the Village. This last week we had a few amazing volunteers from the First Presbyterian Church in Burlington North Carolina! As well as the 5 NCCC that will be staying here with us for the next 4 weeks! Thank you all for your hard work. My super… Continue reading

Looking Back

Hello everybody! Well, next week is my last week of service as a Young Adult Volunteer (YAV). Most of the Work Site Managers around here are AmeriCorps, but I’m the lone wolf YAV over here. What is YAV, you say? Well, since you asked, I’ll tell you! YAV is a year-long adventure in which you work… Continue reading

Into the Wild

This week all of the AmeriCorps and YAVs got to hang up their tool belts and turn off their computers for a much needed afternoon field trip. Each month we have a chance to explore and learn about different local histories, traditions, projects, and issues. This month we went down south to Jean Lafitte National… Continue reading