It’s Finally Time to Follow Project Homecoming

The Village Managers have had a very busy spring with tons of awesome volunteers! This means my time has been filled with form collecting/sorting, writing up deployments, minor village repairs, grocery shopping, and good conversations. One of the great new things that we’ve been working on is…drum roll, please…INSTAGRAM! Follow us @project_homecoming Now, all your… Continue reading


This week Project Homecoming staff celebrated Christmas the best way we know how…with our annual staff party! The party includes tons of food, including 4 types of fried chicken, 5 pies, and more chips and guacamole than you could ever hope for. The smorgasbord was amazing, but the highlight of the evening was the White… Continue reading

Into the Wild

This week all of the AmeriCorps and YAVs got to hang up their tool belts and turn off their computers for a much needed afternoon field trip. Each month we have a chance to explore and learn about different local histories, traditions, projects, and issues. This month we went down south to Jean Lafitte National… Continue reading