Hollygrove Homecoming

The Bloodworth home on Colapissa street in Hollygrove has received its “Certificate of Occupancy” and the lights have been turned on! Thank you so much to all the volunteers who made this possible. Over 150 people have worked on this house, a number that includes subcontractors, volunteers of all ages, the homeowner’s great-grandson and Project… Continue reading

Smile for the Camera

At Project Homecoming I get to wear a lot of different hats. Some days I get to work on our website, posting the different blogs, adding new pictures (go check out the “Our Work” tab to see updated pictures of our projects) and updating information to reflect the work that is being done on the different… Continue reading

Final Push

Stonehill College….if you ever read this, thank you. Touch up painting is very boring, touch up painting for an entire week is torture. It needs to be done, and they played as big of a role as any in getting Anthony back home. You can see in the pics below all of the fine detail work… Continue reading

Touch Ups at Duels St.

Last week was a great week. We had a group from La Salle Academy in Rhode Island. They did an excellent job of putting some of the final touch ups on the interior of the house, painting the porch and installing stairs and balusters. Midweek they got the opportunity to talk with Anthony when his sister… Continue reading