Vive la France!

The house on France Street is cruising along. If you worked on it even a month ago, you would be delighted to see our progress. I definitely am. Allow me to give you an abbreviated summary of the past three weeks… First, my Dad visited for an extended weekend and helped me grout the kitchen… Continue reading

One French Hen

You know how amped up you feel when you drive in sunny weather with the windows rolled down, and the radio is cranking the perfect blend of the least annoying billboard hits? I’ve been feeling like that most days after work the past couple of weeks. No doubt this feeling is exaggerated because I drive… Continue reading

I’d Restore a Shotgun with You

While this may be a few days late, these were too good not to share! “I’d restore a shotgun with you” is from the brilliant collection of New Orleans themed valentines at . They are triumphantly endearing… here are some of the best: “Can I holla Atchafalaya?” (a river that runs off the Mississippi)… Continue reading

Pocket Park Posse

Just a quick update from our newest project, the pocket park! Hi from the “pocket park” on St. Claude Avenue! This is our hard working crew sitting on what will soon be a platform used for community events. Our construction manager, JP, describes it as Mr. Miyagi’s backyard.     -Rachel

Bienvenue à la rue “France”

Last week, a stellar group of volunteers from The College of New Jersey volunteered at the Project Homecoming house on France Street. Unfortunately I don’t know French and my cheesy jokes about vacationing in France were limited, but I promised someone that I would make a French blog post title. The week was spent tearing… Continue reading

Hollygrove Homecoming

The Bloodworth home on Colapissa street in Hollygrove has received its “Certificate of Occupancy” and the lights have been turned on! Thank you so much to all the volunteers who made this possible. Over 150 people have worked on this house, a number that includes subcontractors, volunteers of all ages, the homeowner’s great-grandson and Project… Continue reading

Smile for the Camera

At Project Homecoming I get to wear a lot of different hats. Some days I get to work on our website, posting the different blogs, adding new pictures (go check out the “Our Work” tab to see updated pictures of our projects) and updating information to reflect the work that is being done on the different… Continue reading