Terpsichore Update

Finally we have a very visual progression under process at Terpsichore….siding. The first half of the house is sided… And the other side has been started, but to answer the next question on your mind here is the potential color scheme submitted by the architect. And a larger shot of the front of the house…… Continue reading


Over July 4th I made a trip to the Northwest United States…Portland and Seattle to be exact. It made me realize I miss views like this…. and this…. I also attended my first MLS soccer match…. Which in turn made me excited to return to the south, because for those who forgot it is only… Continue reading

Little Known Fact

Brown widow spiders are a cousin of black widow spiders. Their venom is twice as potent as black widows; however, they inject far less venom upon biting an individual. So overall they are less deadly than black widows, but regardless I would not want one to bite me. At this point you are probably wondering… Continue reading

View from the Top

All my life I have always been pretty terrified of heights. Roofs, cliffs, planes, ladders, you name it, if it is high it probably makes me a little uneasy. That being said I find it really humorous when someone tells me that I am too comfortable with heights, which is often the case. For those… Continue reading