Floors, Doors, and Trim

It’s official, we have moved the troops inside and have started installing floors, doors, and trim at 1701 Independence.  This week, I had a great group of volunteers from Houston help tile the kitchen and finish painting the inside of the house.  The doors have been hung and the patch work has begun!  

One French Hen

You know how amped up you feel when you drive in sunny weather with the windows rolled down, and the radio is cranking the perfect blend of the least annoying billboard hits? I’ve been feeling like that most days after work the past couple of weeks. No doubt this feeling is exaggerated because I drive… Continue reading


We’re back and ready to kick butt this coming year! These past few weeks have been filled with lots of fun training and new memories with new, kind of cool, Americorps and YAVs. We have been rockin’ and rollin’ at Barbara’s house on Annunciation, and Wendell and Barbara’s house on Colapissa, learning how to properly… Continue reading


“Together we’re… Un-li-mi-ted…” If you have seen Wicked the musical then you will know what I am talking about! Last week we had the pleasure of have the cast and crew of the acclaimed musical join us on site and we Freight Trained, hard! And once again my face was on television for the second… Continue reading