90 Hands on Deck!

YAY! Volunteers at the Village! My first panoramic shot! Used for it’s intended purpose. Check out how many people are staying at the Village! Full house. They got creative while unloading the mass amounts of food and paper products from Sysco this week. College students really know how to go through some food. Especially 90 of them.… Continue reading

Making Desire Desireable

Hey ya’ll! Here’s a quick picture update on our house on Desire.!         Enjoyed these bicoastal volunteers! Thanks for all the work and hope to see y’all back soon! –Hunter

Baby Burgundy Got a Paint Job

#FBF to my boys from Maine. This job came down with InterVarsity and we sure did have a good time giving Baby Burgundy some love with paint.     But really, shout out to these boys for getting the house painted and for making me laugh. Hope y’all’s school year is finishing up nicely! –Hunter

One French Hen

You know how amped up you feel when you drive in sunny weather with the windows rolled down, and the radio is cranking the perfect blend of the least annoying billboard hits? I’ve been feeling like that most days after work the past couple of weeks. No doubt this feeling is exaggerated because I drive… Continue reading