Terpsichore To Do

When it comes to construction, there’s “finished” and then there’s “FINISHED!” Terpsichore has been inching towards being totally, absolutely, completely and finally FINISHED for the past month. With a lot of help from volunteers from Michigan, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, as well as long-term volunteers Dick, Paul, and Tony, we’ve been making sure all our… Continue reading


Terpishore. Trepsicore. Terpschichore. I have heard every possible pronunciation of Terpsichore (sounds like Terp-si-CORE[sorry I don’t have a better handle on phonics]) during the last 6 months that I’ve been there working on Professor Longhair’s house. In everyone’s defense, it’s a tough word. Fortunately, I’m here to save the day with a little background information on this often confusing… Continue reading

Smile for the Camera

At Project Homecoming I get to wear a lot of different hats. Some days I get to work on our website, posting the different blogs, adding new pictures (go check out the “Our Work” tab to see updated pictures of our projects) and updating information to reflect the work that is being done on the different… Continue reading