Trees vs. Concrete: No Love Lost

With the inside of Elvira’s house on Flossmoor Drive almost complete, work began today on some fascinating exterior projects I had been saving for a special occasion. Either that or I was dreading the prospect of undertaking them so much that I repeatedly procrastinated and only now was finally forced to figure things out. Whatever… Continue reading

Never Can Say Goodbye

Flossy, What a wild ride it’s been. What can I say after we’ve been through so much together? I can’t lie, when I first looked at you it was far from love at first sight. I think we can both agree you were not easy on the eyes and needed some serious work done.  Furthermore,… Continue reading

Commendable Carolinians Finishing Flossmoor

Well, that’s it. I’m tapped out. My bag of literary tricks is officially empty. Inspired by the undeniable excellence of the work done by volunteers and Project Homecoming staff on Flossmoor Drive, the last three months have seen me exhaust my rather sizable repertoire of scholarly creativity. I’ve referenced both Whitney Houston and Quasimodo, dabbled in both standard poetry… Continue reading


Ain’t no party like a Flossmoor party cause a Flossmoor party don’t stop. Inspired by these majestic and powerful words, I am here to bring you tales of intrigue from Flossmoor Drive. The last two weeks have brought much progress. First, I would be remiss to overlook a group from Charlotte who came in and… Continue reading

Thank You

Alone on Flossmoor Drive, me, myself, and I No volunteers, strange silence, seven weeks have flown by It began, a group of Marylanders and Tony, a roof re-do The crew from Detroit, a floor of bamboo Stonehill shenanigans, doors, some caulk, maybe a shim More Bostonites had their back, rolled through the trim Huge assist… Continue reading

Festival Season in New Orleans

Greetings Everyone! This is Ely, Village Manager and Festival Go-er, excited to experience festival season in New Orleans. Springtime in New Orleans is an adventure all its own, there is endless daylight and even more opportunities for outdoor recreation. Kayaking on the bayou, biking around the city, barbecuing on lazy Sundays, and of course general hanging out with friends soaking… Continue reading

A Symphony on Flossmoor

Too often the construction process is thought of as a hideous marathon of noise, dirt, and painful labor devoid of any tangible beauty. It is seen as torturous drudgery akin to the physical incarnation of the sound of nails on a chalkboard. The ear splitting wail of a circular saw punctuated only by the thud… Continue reading