From Unsafe to Safe

Mr. Armand 2223 Montegut Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana a “Baby Boomer” in the lower 9th ward in the Desire Government public housing development at a time when families of color were just Thankful to have indoor plumbing. Mr. Armand, against all odds, made something of himself he attended public schools and ultimately… Continue reading

An Honorable Farewell to Kevin Krejci

Today marks Kevin Krejci’s last day as a full-time employee at Project Homecoming. In recognition of all Kevin has done for New Orleans and Project Homecoming, I want to bid Kevin an honorable farewell by summarizing the impact he has had on this city: After operating a faith-based rebuilding agency called Presbyterian Community Outreach in St.… Continue reading

Looking Back

Hello everybody! Well, next week is my last week of service as a Young Adult Volunteer (YAV). Most of the Work Site Managers around here are AmeriCorps, but I’m the lone wolf YAV over here. What is YAV, you say? Well, since you asked, I’ll tell you! YAV is a year-long adventure in which you work… Continue reading

Floors, Doors, and Trim

It’s official, we have moved the troops inside and have started installing floors, doors, and trim at 1701 Independence.  This week, I had a great group of volunteers from Houston help tile the kitchen and finish painting the inside of the house.  The doors have been hung and the patch work has begun!