An Honorable Farewell to Kevin Krejci

Today marks Kevin Krejci’s last day as a full-time employee at Project Homecoming. In recognition of all Kevin has done for New Orleans and Project Homecoming, I want to bid Kevin an honorable farewell by summarizing the impact he has had on this city: After operating a faith-based rebuilding agency called Presbyterian Community Outreach in St.… Continue reading

Updates on Perlita

A lot of work has been completed on Perlita in the last few weeks and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who made that possible. One week we had a group from Wisconsin and Middlebury college and another week we had a group from Notre Dame high school. These groups spent… Continue reading

Small Victories on Perlita

It is important to celebrate the small victories when taking on the challenges that the construction of Perlita presents. Thankfully we are blessed with the wealth of knowledge and experience of our construction manager Noelle for this project. We are also fortunate to have the many hands that have touched this project so far. Thomas… Continue reading