An Honorable Farewell to Kevin Krejci

Today marks Kevin Krejci’s last day as a full-time employee at Project Homecoming. In recognition of all Kevin has done for New Orleans and Project Homecoming, I want to bid Kevin an honorable farewell by summarizing the impact he has had on this city: After operating a faith-based rebuilding agency called Presbyterian Community Outreach in St.… Continue reading

My First Day at Voodoo

Voodoo festival is a music festival held every year in New Orleans during Halloween. It attracts many big name artists as well as fans from across the country. I went to the first night on Friday and saw Modest Mouse and Florence & The Machine. Both were fantastic and put on a great show. I… Continue reading

Finding Home

The streetcars are quite possibly my favorite things about this city. I love their sounds, and how they line up on Canal. Well hi there! Hello! Hey! Nice to see you! If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Kat, and I’m a second term AmeriCorps member with Project Homecoming. This is… Continue reading

Finally Home

Greetings from the office of Project Homecoming. My name is Katharina, but everyone calls me Kat (not to be confused with the other Kat, who will be posting to this blog as well.) For my first post, I would like to simply introduce myself and give you readers a little background information so that you have a better… Continue reading