Our role in the community


New Orleans neighborhoods need families

Many neighborhoods remain vacant with properties damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and countless families are still struggling to rebuild their homes.

We help put families in neighborhoods

Our goal is to give low to moderate income families the opportunity to purchase a new and storm resistant homes. We target neighborhoods in need of neighbors. We are proud to create safe communities through new residents with historic residents.

Get involved now

We need your help to continue to do the work that we do.  Please consider making a donation to our organization, staying at our volunteer housing, or use our licensed and insured construction crew for your any of remodel or building needs!

Find out more

We have grown as an organization thanks to the support from key partnerships along the way and by continuing to accomplish milestones.

Our dedicated staff, construction crew, and DeltaCorps members, who work together to provide service to those in need and make sure we provide a great service to our community.