A Few Fabulous Things

These are a few of my Fabulous things…I would like to share.

So I have been having a fabulous time during my first month as Village Manager, working at Project Homecoming has been fabulous.  Here are a few of the many Fabulous moments:

  • Meeting and getting to know new volunteers week after week…Even more fabulous than I thought it would be.
  • All the volunteers who come with the willingness to do, put in the time, and grind hard…They rock and are super fabulous.
  • The work on shower trailers looks awesome….So Fresh and So Clean, Fabulous.
  • The hat Hunter purchased for the sunny days at Jazz Fest that will be “MIA”…A little too Fabulous.
  • Being able to work within an organization with people who have a passion for seeing other people thrive…Like so fabulous.
  • Helping to make sure the great people of New Orleans have a safe and affordable place to call Home is super fabulous .

I am looking forward to a summer filled with fabulous people, fabulous food, fabulous events and fabulous times at the Village and Project Homecoming.

Together on LA.jpeg

The fabulous group from ReachCorps on LA Parkway.

20160427_123445 (1)

The fabulous hat that has a strong possible of going missing.

Grove lunch

The famous  Brooks with the Fabulous Grove Presbyterian Volunteers on Wickfield.


Volunteers from St. Charles Presbyterian (RHINO) all the way from the Fabulous New York bumping elbows with Glenn on LA Parkway.


One of the fabulous pieces of fried chicken tenders that was a victim in the April Fools joke from the week the high school group from St. Mary’s , Hoban, Notre Dame and Youth Crossroads….This will be an ongoing investigation until justice is served.

Ooh Pah

OOH POO PAH DOO BAR after the fabulous Second Line in honor of Prince.

I simply remember my fabulous things…And then I don’t feel so bad.