Workin’ at the Crew House

To set the mood while you read this post, please listen to this song in the background as you read, but replace the words “Car Wash” with “Crew House.”


This week, I’m over on a crew house on Jumonville with Dan (the two AmeriTeams collide!) and we’re with a stellar group from Stetson University in Florida! We’re working on doing some weatherization on the inside by caulking all the stud bays, and preparing for exterior paint by caulking seams and spackling nail holes. Hopefully we’ll be painting in the next day or so, and we’ll have most of the first coat up on the whole exterior by Friday–fingers crossed!

Check out some pictures from our first day:

Kat and Cat

I got to hang out with J.J. the world’s coolest cat at our paint shop while waiting for the exterior paint to be mixed.
Inline image 2
Our volunteers flew through some caulk, so Dan got to be “Edward Caulking Hands” for a minute.
Paint Brushes
With new brushes at the ready, we’re excited to get painting!