The Life Cycle of a Dumpster: A Story of Beauty and Filth

Having a dumpster on site is both a privilege and a curse. It makes waste disposal convenient as all get out, buuuut it can also make your house the local landfill. -_- PROTECT YOUR DUMPSTER AT ALL COSTS.

This post will take you on an immersive journey through the various phases of a dumpster’s* existence. Pop some corn, crack open a sody-pop and enjoy!

*Specifically the dumpster on Laine

Stage 1: The Beginning

Isn’t it beautiful?? There’s nothing like a fresh start! A blank canvas upon which to create the perfect masterpiece. A garbage lasagna of sorts. I know that was a weird mixed-metaphor BUT IT CAN BE BOTH.

Week One:
Dumpster 2

Usually just a bunch of general waste that’s lying around, depending on how early you get your dumpster. Note: Ours was delivered after the exterior sheathing was completed and the siding was started.

Week Two:
Dumptser 3
Vinyl siding and soffit materials from the exterior.

Week Three:
Dumpster 4
Electrical bits and insulation fluff from the interior.

Week Four:
Dumpster 5
Drywall scraps and a plumbing pipe (plus some pesky low-hanging branches) once the walls are up inside.

Week Five:
Dumpster 6
HVAC leftovers (which I think were sitting around for a couple of weeks since technically the bulk of the HVAC work up in the attic was finished before drywall).

Week 6:
Dumptser 7
Painting materials, leftover lumber from porch handrails, and a couple saw horses that had seen better days.Shoutout to James Madison University for this layer of garbage!

Week 7:
Dumpster 8
Flooring materials.
Shoutout to Union College for this layer of garbage!

Week 8:
Dumpster 9
Door debris and the rest of the flooring materials. Oh and all the food trash from our cookout with Ms. Connie.
Shoutout to Texas Tech for this layer of garbage!

Week 9:
Dumpster 10
Trim nubbins and cardboard boxes from kitchen cabinets.
Shoutout to Saginaw Valley State for this layer of garbage! And retroactively, Texas Tech for the trim… And Union College, too… Idk… Whoever worked on trim… Everybody.

Week 10:
Dumpster 2
Leftover lumber, tree branches and the last of the trim.
Shoutout to TCNJ ABC for this layer of garbage and for literally clearing out the house!

Week 11:
Dumpster 3
All the cardboard and paper that was protecting the bamboo flooring inside.
Laine is done!!

And after all that, if you’re reeeeally lucky, you won’t end up with one of these in your dumpster*:

Dumpster 4
*Miro dumpster