Floors Galore!

Thank you for that introduction to flooring, Leslie. I’ll take it from here!

Last week on Laine, we started the bamboo floors. Shoutout to Conner for helping us lay down all that tar paper!
 Starting Floors

OoOoOh! Things are happening!

In addition to avoiding the No-Zone, you want to ensure that the seams between your pieces of bamboo are as randomly scattered around the floor as possible, i.e. they should not line up. (Also random, they should be the colors of your bamboo!)

 Floor Laine

~50 shades of toast~

Because bamboo is a soft wood (technically grass), it’s very important to cover it up once it’s been laid so that you don’t damage it. Don’t. Damage. It. JUST DON’T DO IT.

 Maintaining Floor

See isn’t it beautiful?? <3

Big thanks to Union College for finishing All The Floors at Laine, including tile!

Dan out!